The Stony Lands - Session #2

Or the One in which the Party Poked the Dead with Big Sticks

On the way back from their last trip to the tomb, the party spotted a small caravan arriving in town. A small sect of Helm revivalists had arrived to rebuild the temple the party had been exploring. Their leader, Gunthrik, after yelling “sacrilege” a few times, offered to grant the party a holy relic - a shield said to “deflect all blows” - for their service to Helm, should they clear the tomb of the goblin menace. He couldn’t spare any men, but the party persuaded three of the five accompanying mercenaries to join them in exchange for a wage. Morak also persuaded one of Jory’s orphan sons, Harold, to join the party as a lantern bearer.

Venturing back into the tomb, the party discovered doors with big black skulls painted on them. Taking this as a good omen, they opened the door and ventured within to find the first real signs of burial places, along with not quite dead things, but they proved little match for Pyros and his servant, Morak. For their troubles, they were rewarded with a dagger which Tom was convinced was magical, and a ceremonial sword, which they gave the Erik, who promptly sold it. He seemed happy though.

Rather than descend further into the tomb, the party decided to explore the narrow cave that had broken through one of the walls, finding a nest of rats, which they set on fire. After abandoning the caves through a (fortunate) hidden exit, to avoid being suffocated by the burning detritus, the party returned to explore them further.

After descending a “natural staircase”, the party encountered the mangled corpses of rats, half eaten, shortly before being ambushed by a pale human that tried to bite them, before being cut down, probably by Erik. He wore faded robes, jewelled bracelets and a giant golden key on a chain around his neck, which the party proceeded to wear themselves.

During one of their visits to town, Morak commissioned the travelling smith, who had arrived with the priests, to build a fabled “spitter of flames”, a device to breath fire like a dragon. The smith seemed fairly confident that he could manage such a feat.