The Stony Lands - Session #1

Or All the Ones Before Session 2, Because I Don’t Remember How They Broke Down

Having met in a tavern, killed lots of rats, defeated a rat man and stolen the magic orb that created it and decided to go adventuring, the party took shelter from a storm in a ruined temple, later revealed to be the Temple of Helm. Many were lost to the goblins, hobgoblins, rats (giant), and small swarm of fire beetles of the upper level before the party made it back to the town of Old Elm with a chest full of 5,000 silver pieces, which they casually entrusted to the drunken, bereaved priest of Freya, Jonathan.

The party learned that the town had been suffering from goblin raids (coincidence?), and had already lost half of their number to the monsters. The mayor offered them a reward if they saved the town from the goblin menace, and the party decided to lay an ambush. This failed, and instead one of the farmsteads on the outskirts of town went up in flames.

Recruiting some of the townsfolk to their cause, the party tracked the goblin menace to a different cave, where they laid another ambush and used the power of fire to kill many goblins, losing one of their own in the process. Within the caves, the party fought off centipedes (giant) and bats (no, not giant), finding a 10 foot diameter tunnel dug through the caves. The tunnel led to a pair of kobolds and a cave in in one direction, and to another cave occupied by a group of goblin raiders busy gnawing on their cooked captives. They rescued Jory, a strong fighter out for revenge, and sent his two sons, Harold and Jim, back to town with one of their helping hands.

The tunnel lead back to the tomb and after killing some more goblins, Jory died facing down a horde of goblins, as the party fled for their lives.

And let’s not forget the cat in the bag (presumed deceased).