weeknotes 10

double digits


I’ve been doing these for 10 weeks now. I’m quite enjoying the ritual of it, writing sections at the end of each day, then reading over it all at the end of the week before publishing. I’m not sure if anyone but me gets much out of them (or even reads them), though, but I intend to keep it up for a while still.

this week…

…has been A Week. I was lulled into a false sense of security on Monday while I woke up from a week off and had a quiet day, relatively free of meetings, and have been fighting fires ever since. So much to do in no time at all. How does this happen?! (I know how it happens, and I need to get better at protecting my time…)

gov.uk prototyping

I spent the end of my week off building a prototyping kit for following the GOV.UK Design System in Svelte. I have a hunch that Svelte would be easier for designers to work with than the Express + Nunjucks combo of the official kit. Plus, for most things I’ve ever seen prototyped, we could probably deploy them without a server and save on some costs and processing for what’s essentially a static site with a session stuck on.

Also, why not?


American Gods went from 0 to queer in the last episode, and I’m here for it! We’ve also started watching Man in the High Castle to feel uncomfortable about Nazis.

I’ve also been conquering Francia as Alfred the Great’s lineage in Crusader Kings III.

making developer lives better

This week I ran 5 workshops with the developers at dxw to draw out how their lives at dxw are going. I’ve found it super rewarding. We have a team at dxw that really care about building things that improve people’s lives (it came up in every session from multiple people as one of their personal goals). It’s a team full of people who approach even the challenging aspects of their work with positivity and pragmatism and an aim to make things better at dxw and in the world.