weeknotes 8

it’s audit time

content warning food

git branching

I often find myself not sure which branch is the base branch on projects. We use a variety of branch names at dxw (we’re part way through renaming master to main and some projects use develop as their active branch, too). I made a quick Git alias so I don’t have to think about it.

# ~/.gitconfig
	default = !git checkout $(git rev-parse --verify --quiet develop && echo "develop" || git rev-parse --verify --quiet main && echo "main" || echo "master")

bob then pointed out a better solution:

# ~/.gitconfig
	default = !git checkout $(git default-branch)
	default-branch = !git remote show origin | awk '/HEAD branch/ {print $NF}'



It’s audit time. I mostly watched Dom talk about our development practices so I can forget it all in time for next year’s audit. :tada:

It did raise some questions about how we share knowledge within the team. We have a playbook, but does anybody really use it, except for during onboarding? Is that ok? If people aren’t using it, where can we signpost things for people where they do look?


The first batch arrived! And there was a lot of it. Too much to actually fit in the freezer thanks to misshapen blocks of frozen vegetables being very space inefficient and some forgotten about lotus buns. But it’s tasty and, importantly, easy! We’ve has the gnocchi and the chilli and both were nice, and far nicer than any ready meal I’ve ever had before. And decent portion sizes, too.

examining power

You’re not just a manager, you’re also a boss (read it).


So, remortgaging is probably not going to happen any time soon. Despite my building being short, it has the bad kind of cladding, and the freeholder has no interest in removing it and the leaseholders can’t do anything about it without the freeholder’s permission. Lenders won’t lend without an EWS1, which you can’t get with the bad cladding. Why is property ownership such a nightmare?!

user manual for me

I did my semi-regular review of my user manual for me and made a few tweaks as I learn a bit more about myself.

week off

This week was A Lot. Glad I’ve got the week off next week. I’m very grateful for my 4 weeks on, 1 week off, working pattern. It’s the best pattern I’ve ever had.