The Stony Lands - Session #7

Or the One with the Endless Dead

Leaving a flyer in the inn promising great riches and not a small amount of risk, the group retired to bed, only to be woken in the middle of the night by shouting in the streets. It seemed the two they had left for dead in the tomb had returned to seek vengeance. They walked the streets, eyes glowing and bearing swords of light, heading straight for the inn. Maurak, Kalidor, and the newcomer, William, prepared themselves for battle. Maurak, believing these to be like no undead he had heard of, cast a luckily prepared spell and caused the creature to be made motionless, but not before its blade had dug into Kalidor’s flesh, causing a vision of horror to flash across his eyes. Seeing his spell’s success, Maurak blasted the second creature with another spell, paralyzing him as well, and declared them “persons”.

Unsure what to do with their fallen companions, the three trussed the frozen pair up, and tethered them to hitching posts outside the inn. As they pulled the glowing weapons from their grips, the swords of cold energy vanished without a trace. Vlad informed them that these were probably Helm Born, those brought back from the dead to serve Helm’s cause.

Eventually the attackers came to and seemed to have eyes only for Kalidor. Acting on a hunch, Kalidor retrieved the golden helmet pulled from the tomb weeks earlier, and sure enough, the pair were drawn to it as well. He placed it on his head and was confronted with a horrifying vision of the dead King Ulrik rising from his grave and striking Kalidor’s head from his shoulders. The pain was great, and the others witnessed a scar form around their companion’s neck, though his head remained attached.

It wasn’t long before a small crowd had gathered, whispering about demons and dark magic, and Maurak took advantage of the situation to offer their former companions up as tribute to Pyros, commanding the construction of a pyre on which to burn them. Delivering a rousing speech, he set the pair alight after numerous attempts fouled by strong gusts of wind. As the flames licked their tied bodies, the light in their eyes went out, and by dawn, all that remained was smouldering ash.

The next day was spent resting after a long night of fervent person burning and fire worship. While the others slept, the unwavering elf recruited two to their cause, a brutish man named Imninon and a sly woman called Pauee.

The next day, the three and their three companions (Brod decided to come too) headed out to the burial mound once more, heading straight to the room filled with the walking dead that had exacted a heavy toll a few days prior. Maurak chanted words of power and Pyros blessed the group with strength and true aim, and battle was begun. A dozen skeletons fell, but at the cost of two fine warriors. Retrieving the fallen’s gear, Maurak said a few words and promptly doused everything in oil and set it alight, before heading back to town to restore his power.

That night there was merriment as the group spent their loot on fine ale attracting two more to the group, and the sun rose on the 57th day of Frosshar, waking them from their undisturbed slumber.