Dragontorc #3

Catai’s Journal

9th Samonios…

Erix and Wiwu have spent that last few days in bed, cared for by Teryn. Maybe I’ve misjudged him. There’s tenderness beneath his harsh exterior. I’ve been spending the time talking to Killia. I feel as if I’ve been reunited with a brother I never knew. He showed me some of the tricks he’s learned. I hope he’ll teach me more. They look useful.

Today we’re heading back to the tomb. I don’t know why. Peno said he’d be interested in knowing about the second level, but I’ve already conned him out of his gold, and I don’t trust the others to keep their stories straight. Maybe there isn’t even a second level.

A new face showed up this morning - a woman named Neve. I’m not sure how to feel about her, but the others trust her, so I’ll give her a chance. I keep telling myself that I am doing this for my brothers. I just hope I don’t have to leave thanks to a slip of the tongue. I’ve grown to trust these people.


That fool Wiwu! I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay here any more. Not only does he reveal my lie, but he doesn’t even get a reward for it! He says that all is forgiven, but I know the rich and powerful. They don’t forgive easily. I’ll have to watch my back.

We explored the rest of the tomb today. With the foreknowledge of what we might find there, we had little trouble with the skeletons, but I wonder what caused them to rise in the first place. As we entered, I took the lead. It was strange without Killia at my side, but I wanted to show these people that I had some value. I’m smaller and lighter than them, and I’m light footed. I nearly got myself killed. The painted room was trapped after all, only the triggers were down the corridor. I was ready to die, as that bolder came crashing towards me, but Teryn stopped it! He sacrificed the fine shield he’d found to save me. I have definitely misjudged him. I hope want

Deeper into the tomb, we found what must have been the leader of these ancient people. The guards fell quickly, thanks to the spells our new companion and the heavy blade of Teryn. We weren’t the first, though. The crypt was empty. Someone had looted it already, and taken everything except a pair of golden bracelets. They’d even taken the king’s head! It looked like they’d dug a tunnel in from below. I was eager to investigate, but the others needed to rest, so we returned.

On the journey back, Teryn and I decided to investigate the odd falcon that had been following us whenever we went to and from the tomb. Teryn asked around town, while I had a look at where it seemed to go once in town, but I couldn’t find anything more than fishwives and washed clothes. Meanwhile, Wiwu was busy trying to get us all arrested. For nothing!

10th Samonios…

Another close call with death. Thank Amen I’m still here.

Beneath the tomb was a small cave system. It looked like it had been mined a long time ago, and judging from the amount of bat shit, it hadn’t been visited for a while. Whoever had looted the hall above was long gone.

Bat shit… No sooner had we emerged from the tunnel than Wiwu fired a glowing crossbow bolt into the darkness, revealing a pair of giant bats. They swooped down before we could spread out, and Teryn was the first to fall, leaving me face to face with giant teeth. Before I knew it, I was down, bleeding and weak, but only for a moment. Amen be praised, that is the second time I’ve been restored by his holy power. This is a god worthy of worship, whose power is evident and manifest. I think I’ll join Erix in prayer tomorrow morning.

Deeper in the caves, there was what looked like a stone door, but there didn’t appear to be any way to open it, so we decided to continue the search on the surface. A door has two sides, and if this side’s blocked, the other must open. Sadly, that search bore no fruit.

On the way back up, we were ambushed by Peno’s men. They’d been waiting all day for us to emerge, and wanted to escort us back to town. I thought this was the end for us, but it seemed that Wiwu might have been right. After they checked we hadn’t stolen anything from the tomb Peno had claimed as his own, they let us go free.

We’re back at the inn now, gathering some supplies to go and hunt the snail the others have been talking about. I’ve bought a simple bow with some of the money I’ve earned. I’m not sure what use it will be in my hands, but Teryn said he’d teach me.


Damn Amen! Damn Lugh! Damn all the gods! Teryn’s dead. Wiwu’s dead. What use are they if they don’t help when you need them most. The snail is dead, but its bounty is little compensation. Erix is beside herself with grief, and I don’t blame her. She was too focussed on her spear to see the others fall. It’s her fault as much as it is her god’s.

I forsake all of the gods. From now until my end, I will rely on myself, and nobody else.